Our Mission

It is our mission to conduct breeding and selection activities involving Lipizzaner horses in the State Stud Farm Đakovo and Lipik and to rate their functional and breeding value. We aim to conduct the program of protecting and upholding the Lipizzaner breed as a national, cultural and traditional asset of the Republic of Croatia. Moreover, our mission is to take part and develop a variety of sports activities that include the Lipizzaner breed as well as to develop tourism and promotional activities for the State Stud Farm Đakovo and Lipik.

Our Vision

The aim of the State Stud Farm Đakovo and Lipik is to become a breeding centre of the best genetic material of the Lipizzaner breed in the Republic of Croatia. By implementing new technologies, we aim to become the breeding centre of the Lipizzaner horse in our country and to provide services of spreading their genetic material. Furthermore, our goal is to implement such tourist programs that will ensure we become an enticing destination offering continuous tourism related services. Finally, our aim is to be the ground zero of breeding and sports activities involving the Lippizaner horse.